Court Of Appeals Postponed The Ruling In Abdali Cell Case

20 March 2017 Crime News

The Court of Appeals postponed until March 26 the ruling in “Abdali Cell” case in which 26 people are standing trial. The Public Prosecution Department had requested capital punishment against the accused for conspiring with Iran and Hezbollah on espionage activities to attack Kuwait by smuggling into the country some explosives and ammunitions meant for their criminal acts. The prosecution accused several of the members of participating in training sessions on the use of weapons and explosives in “Hezbollah” camps in Lebanon. The court already upheld the verdict of the Court of First Instance that sentenced the first suspect to death and handed life imprisonment on the sixth suspect and acquitted 10 others. It also commuted the sentences of five suspects and fined four others instead of prison terms and refused to entertain an appeal in the death sentence passed on the 23rd suspect in absentia until expiration of the ultimatum for appeal or judgment is delivered by the Court of Appeals.



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