Court Obliged A Foodstuff And Poultry Company To Pay Indemnity
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The Administration Court obliged a major foodstuff and poultry company to pay indemnity worth KD 22,000 to one of its former employees who worked for the company from 1994 to 2013. R e p r e – senting the e m p l o y e e was Lawyer Khawlah Mubarak Al- Hassawi, who explained that her client was employed by the company in 1994 as an area supervisor for a salary of KD 750 per month. In 2013, the company ended his service and failed to honor the articles of the labor law concerning end-of-service dues, which the company must pay its employees. Lawyer Al-Hassawi affirmed that end-of-service indemnity is the right of the employee as per the law and regulations, insisting that her client deserve the indemnity as well as compensation for the leaves he did not take, as per articles 52 and 54 of the labor law.


28 Apr, 2017 1161
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