Court Declared Of Paying Rent Not Total Price Of The Car
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The Commercial Appeals Court chaired by Judge Dr Senhat Al-Mutairi upheld the ruling of the Court of First Instance and cleared a Kuwaiti man from the obligation of KD 6,147 promissory note signed to rent a Mercedes Benz. The court again nullified another verdict issued by a lower court that ordered the defendant to pay KD 4,305 in the same case. On behalf of the defendant, Lawyer Hashim Al-Refa’e said his client had rented a new model Mercedes Benz, which crashed beyond repair two days later. Prior to the traffic accident, the defendant had signed a promissory note on a blank sheet with hope of retrieving it after returning the car. The company demanded the man should pay KD 6,147 plus value of the difference in the price of the car (KD 18,225) from the total sum of KD 20,250. Report of the Experts Department nullified the claim and insisted the man should pay only KD 2,380 (value of the rent) since the car is covered by a comprehensive insurance.


02 Apr, 2017 749
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