Court Cancelled Life Imprisonment Against Two Americans
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The Court of Appeals presided over by Judge Najib Al-Mulla acquitted two American women of possessing drugs who were earlier sentenced to life imprisonment in a verdict issued by the Court of First Instance. According to the case file, the in-charge officer raided the apartment of the two women after receiving information from an undercover agent that the suspects are involved in drug peddling.

The defense counsel Lawyer Ashwaq Al-Shaya stressed that the procedures followed for arresting her clients and searching their apartment were not legal because of lack of seriousness of the investigations. She revealed that the court had summoned the in-charge officer to the session for hearing his testimony but he did not attend the session. Due to doubts concerning the accuracy of the charges, the court decided to overturn the verdict of the Court of First Instance and acquit the defendants.



06 Apr, 2016 1026
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