Court Adjourned Drug Case To May 4th 2017
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The Misdemeanor Court summoned the prosecution officer in a controversial case involving an artiste and an expatriate accused of money laundering and smuggling a large quantity of drugs. Deliberation on the case was adjourned until May 4, 2017 for crossexamination of the officer on the points raised by the expatriate. The Public Prosecution charged the defendants with p o s s e s s i n g amphetamine and methamphetamine for trading. They allegedly deposited a huge amount in the account of one of the suspects and that of the latter’s company which is considered money laundering. The money is believed to be revenues from selling drugs. One of the suspects used his company to organize fake exhibitions, conferences and camping to deceive the public concerning the source of his wealth. He transferred money from those accounts into the bank account of the other suspect, while both of them used the accounts for illegal activities. Lawyer of one of the suspects, Attorney Mohammad Al-Qattan, questioned procedures leading to search and arrest of his client as there was no warrant. He argued the other suspect exonerated his client, saying his client was not aware of his illegal activities and the items were not found with the latter.



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