Court Acquitted Youth Who Accused Of Causing 4 Pc Disability To Eye
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The Misdemeanor Circuit of the Court of First Instance presided over by Judge Mohammad Zayed acquitted a youth who was accused of causing four percent permanent disability to the eye of a minor when he hit him on the back of his head while trying to settle a quarrel. During the court session, the defense counsel Lawyer Mohammad Al-Qattan stressed that the allegations against his client can be proven only by the testimonies of two witnesses who were unable to convince the court.

He said his client denied the allegations since the beginning of the investigations. Lawyer Al-Qattan indicated that any doubt in the evidences presented resulted in the exclusion of the evidences and in favor of the defendant, adding that criminal sentences are based on certainty and not on doubts and guesses.


Administrative Sector at the Court of Appeals has ordered the Central System for Remedying Status of Illegal Residents (CSRSIR) to open a file for a Bedoun and his children, and also issue visit cards for them to establish they’re Bedouns.

According to lawsuit filed on behalf of the plaintiff, Lawyer Abdul-Mohsin Al-Qattan said his client (Bedoun) previously obtained necessary documents from the state upon which the man approached CSRSIR to open a file to obtain a visit card. However, the officials declined the request without any legal backing, so the plaintiff was forced to seek judicial succor.


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