Court Acquitted Two Individuals Who Were Accused Of Beating The Mandoub
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The Criminal Court acquitted two individuals who were accused of beating the “mandoub” of a transportation company and stealing his mobile phone and KD 47 cash. The Public Prosecution had filed charges against the two suspects who had violently attacked the victim (mandoub) using a knife and their fists, causing injuries which were specified in the medical report. The duo was also charged with purposely damaging the vehicle belonging to the company. Lawyer Esmet Al-Kharboutli, on behalf of one of the defendants, insisted that the arrest-and search procedures on her client were invalid due to lack of incriminating evidences and the fact that her client was not part of the incident. She said the collected evidences indicate lack of seriousness in investigations and consideration of the statement of the third witness.


13 Jul, 2017 473
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