Court Acquitted A Man For Fight Over Parking Space In A Public Park
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The Juvenile Misdemeanor Section at the Court of First Instance acquitted a minor of hitting a Kuwaiti man with a cleaver and running over him that caused permanent disability when they fought over a parking space in a public park. The Public Prosecution charged the defendant with attacking the plaintiff who sustained injuries as stated in a medical report. The attack resulted in the paralysis of the Kuwaiti’s left fingers – almost two percent disability. The minor was also accused of abusing the plaintiff in a public area in a manner that degraded the latter. However, the defendant’s counsel, Attorney Esmat Al-Kharbotli, denied all the charges against her client. She argued the documents presented did not contain any proof that her client committed the offense, so she urged the court to declare her client innocent.



09 Dec, 2016 839
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