Court Acquitted A Citizen Of Carrying Hashish, Other Spurious Drugs
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The Criminal Court presided over by Judge Muteeb Al-Ardhi acquitted a citizen of possessing hashish and other illicit drugs for the purpose of consumption, and driving under the influence of narcotics. Details of the case indicated a lieutenant of traffic sector spotted the accused inside a vehicle parked at an unauthorized zone.

The officer was about to issue a citation against the motorist, so he asked for his papers but the accused could not provide any.

The officer discovered that the accused was not in normal state, thus he ordered him to step out of the vehicle, and a small sachet containing illicit drug and related tools fell from his lap. The accused is said to have pleaded with the lieutenant to free him.

Representing the accused, lawyer Ali Al-Ali argued that arrest and investigation procedures implemented against his client were null and void since the officer did not obtain permit from the Public Prosecution for that purpose.

He also said confession of the suspect made before the Public Prosecution was unacceptable, because it had resulted from invalid arrest and investigation procedures. He denied all allegations against his client.



23 Jun, 2016 981
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