Court Acquitted 20 Year Old Citizen For Robbing Girlfriend
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The Criminal Court acquitted a citizen, in his 20s, of robbing and assaulting his girlfriend. Case files state the Public Prosecution charged the citizen with using force when he robbed the victim. He allegedly caused injuries in different parts of the victim’s body when he used a lighted cigarette and a broken glass to hurt her as described in the initial medical report. This made the victim unable to resist the assault.

According to the victim, she was in her house when the accused came and asked for money. When she refused, he got angry so he threatened to harm her with a broken glass and lighted cigarette. After hitting and tossing her on the floor, he took KD 400 from her. Attorney Muhammad Sofor, who represented the accused, pointed out in court that his client had no intention to harm the victim considering she is his girlfriend. He said his client was under the effect of prescription drugs he got from Kuwait Center for Mental Health. The court concluded that despite the injuries described in the initial medical report, there was no way of verifying if they were caused by the defendant, let alone doubts surrounding the lawsuit.



21 Oct, 2016 967
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