Court Acquitted 2 Kuwaitis Who Was Accused In Verbally Assaulting A Compatriot On WhatsApp Group
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The Misdemeanor Court of Appeals acquitted two Kuwaitis of defamation and verbally assaulting a compatriot on WhatsApp group. The Public Prosecution Department charged the first suspect for deliberately forming a WhatsApp group through which he abused and attacked the plaintiff publicly. He was accused of posting a video clip containing defamatory statements and slander. He purportedly accused the plaintiff of setting up bogus companies to swindle other people, and warned against dealing with him. He alleged the second suspect was an accomplice, as he was encouraged the first suspect to release the video clip. However, the first suspect denied all allegations. The second suspect accused the plaintiff of collecting KD8000 to facilitate the issuance of a company license and explained they verified status of the license with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and discovered the plaintiff did not register the company, although he receive refund of KD8000 by installment. Lawyer Fareeh Al-Kouh defending the first suspect insisted his client was innocent and denied the allegation from the beginning of the lawsuit. He indicated investigation conducted by the detective in charge of the case could not link the first and second suspects to any criminal act. He reiterated the allegations were based on a mere inferential evidence rather than concrete proof.



09 Aug, 2017 506
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