Court Acquits Prisoner Of Peddling Narcotic Substances In Central Jail
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The Criminal Court acquitted an inmate in the Central Jail of smuggling heroin and methamphetamine with the intention of peddling inside the jail.

The Public Prosecution charged the inmate with smuggling, possessing and peddling narcotic substances while serving time in jail.

According to the case file, the narcotics were discovered by jail wardens during surprise inspection of all inmates. The accused was unsettled during the inspection, prompting the jail officers to conduct further inspection on him and found him holding piece of the narcotics, and then more was discovered in his inner clothes.

Representing the inmate was Attorney Esmat Al-Kharbotli who demanded for acquittal of her client as the search and arrest procedures were conducted illegally.



13 Nov, 2018 0 229
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