Court Acquits Bedoun Of Forging Docus
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The Criminal Court refrained from imposing punishment on a Bedoun who, along with another individual, forged transfer of ownership of a vehicle after registering the vehicle under his foreigner wife’s name without her knowledge.

The Public Prosecution charged the Bedoun and his colleague with forgery as they purportedly exploited an unobservant General Traffic Department employee who registered the vehicle in the name of the unknowing wife, thereby, making the paperwork valid.

When the victim, wife of the Bedoun, renewed her residency, she discovered various traffic violations registered under her name without her knowledge at a time she does not own a car and she neither sanctioned nor signed any transaction related to the car.

Defense lawyer, Attorney Ismet Kherbotaly, pointed out lack of evidence in forging official documents and loopholes in investigations, demanding for acquittal of the accused



26 Jul, 2017 372
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