Coupling Of Salaries To Sponsor Dependent Visa For Child Not Allowed

13 May 2017 Dependent Visa

Hi Ms Legal Clinic I have been one of your valued readers for almost one decade and we really appreciate your sincerity for the legal advice that you providing us.

Last Feb 2014 my wife delivered our 1st baby girl at Al Sabah Maternity Hospital in Shuwaikh. After we got the birth certificate in Maidan Hawally for the very short period I applied for travel document in Philippine Embassy and had it attested in Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs because during those days our passport processing took so long due to upgrading for Philippine electronic passport or e-passport & I was afraid for Karama so, I decided to apply only exit visa in Jawazat office roundabout Salmiya near City Center and it was granted.

Now, my query is my current salary does not reach the bracket for applying for dependent visa but, so many rumors are flying that if husband & wife are both working in Kuwait and their earning salary is above KD 350 if combined then, one can proceed to apply for a dependent visa and if so, please advice on the specific documents to prepare.

Thank you & more power to your column.

Name withheld

We are afraid, but the rules as they exist now do not allow for coupling of salaries of wife and husband to be able to meet the salary cap which is now pegged at KD 450.

This salary cap should be earned by the man before he can sponsor members of the immediate family, coupling of salaries by husband and wife used to be allowed but for some years now this condition has been jettisoned.



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