‘Cost Of Mobile Data In Kuwait Among The Cheapest Globally’
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According to a new global study, the prices of mobile internet in Kuwait are among the cheapest in the world, as telecom companies provide them with the best value per gigabyte of mobile data, reports Al-Rai daily. The study was issued by Top Dollar, which is a center for financial studies. It is based on information collected from around the world to determine which countries provide the best offers for mobile data in comparison with the cost of megabits per second (Mbps) and find the best value around the world, as well as the price per gigabyte compared to local income to determine the cheapest mobile internet prices.

The Australian TechGuide website, which published the study, stated that mobile data in Israel is the best value at $ 0.01 per megabit per second of download speed for a tengigabyte package. China came second with $ 0.03, followed by Australia, Italy, France and Kyrgyzstan with $ 0.06. The prices in Kuwait and Fiji are $0.07, ahead of Moldova ($ 0.08) and Denmark ($ 0.09). Meanwhile, the US ranks 67th with $ 0.41 for 10 GB of data per one Mbps of download speed. It ranks 20th in terms of affordability with 0.72 percent of the average monthly salary to pay for a 20 GB data package. Regarding the worst value of mobile data, Namibia came first with $ 11.36, followed by Syria with $ 3.2, Cuba with $ 2.82, Panama with $ 2.34, and Tajikistan in fifth place with $ 1.89. The study showed that Namibia has the worst value for mobile data due to slow network speeds compared to high data costs. It revealed that 9 out of 10 of the most affordable countries have an average annual income of more than $30,000.




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