Co-ops Near Campsites
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Despite the approach of the spring camping season in the country, cooperative societies have not yet announced their plans to license and establish service branches near the camping sites. This complicates the plans of those who wish to camp, and purchase camping requirements such as electrical appliances, utensils, tents and other necessary equipment that are usually available in those branches, reports Al-Qabas Daily. The branches are considered vital for camp-goers in general, especially since they contribute to reducing the costs of setting up tents. All the requirements are usually available at low prices compared to some marketing centers that provide the same materials and items used in any camp.

This may hinder the efforts of those wishing to establish their camps in mid-November. This delay prompts camp-goers to turn towards some parallel markets that provide supplies at reasonable prices for most segments of society throughout the year. Despite this, camp-goers are waiting for the announcement of the dates for the establishment of the branches near the camping sites, especially in Ahmadi and Jahra governorates. This is because the prices in some markets may not be favourable, with the expectation of an increase in the number of camps this year, after tents were not set up last year due to conditions imposed by the COVID-19 crisis, and the accompanying closure of some activities.




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