Contradicting Opinions Over Freedom Of Expression By Expatriates In Kuwait
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Statements made by an Egyptian legal expert concerning his compatriot consultant who works for the Ministry of Health in defense of issues within the ministry has attracted massive public condemnation from Kuwaitis in the society.

Several lawmakers and legal experts expressed opinions that expatriates should be prevented from issuing statements. Some people shared the sentiment of those who objected to expatriates issuing statements, while many others were of the opinion that the idea is against the simplest principle of justice, equality and guaranteed freedom of expression.

On their part, those who were opposed to expatriates issuing statements were surprised that expatriates could be interfering in Kuwaiti affairs in relation to jobs and competency of citizens.

The opposing contributors believe that Kuwait is a country of freedom and that Kuwaiti Constitution states human beings are equal without mentioning citizens.

In his comment, former Minister of Housing Affairs Yahya Al-Sumait said Kuwait respects all expatriate workers who reside in the country, so it is reasonable to respect their opinions, especially the consultants among them. However, the consultant who spoke about a grilling submitted to the National Assembly was partly right since it has to do with the lawmakers.

He added Kuwait has the Fatwa and Legislation Department and the Council of Ministers, and the consultant should have offered a piece of advice to the lawmaker privately rather than in public domain. Contributing to the debate, Kuwaiti astronomer Dr Adel Al-Sa’adoun declared that an aspect of the noise that followed the Egyptian consultant’s comment is right, because Kuwait is a country of freedom and everybody has the right to express his mind and it is democracy.

He pointed out that the view expressed by the expatriate was unusual, especially as the consultant works for the National Assembly. There is a possibility that his opinion was right, he indicated



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