Conditions For Teachers In Private Schools To Obtain A Driving License
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The sources at the traffic department revealed 3 conditions for issuing a new driving license for foreign teachers working in private schools. The sources said that teachers working in private schools who receive a monthly salary of 600 dinars and above with a university degree and residency in Kuwait for at least two years are eligible to apply for a new driving license.

In a circular obtained by al anba Circular No. 69 /2020. It states that all six governorates driving license department to abide by  by Ministerial Resolution No. 270 of 2020 regarding amending some provisions of Ministerial Resolution No. 81 on 1976 stipulated in paragraph D, clause 8 of traffic law to exclude workers in government ministries who are researchers, legal professionals, translators, teachers, social workers, librarians, imams, and muezzins.



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