Company Putting Pressure To Shift From Family Visa Article 22 To Company Visa Article 18
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My friend is on Article No. 22 family visa and working in company, the company is forcing to transfer the residence, since she has not completed degree she cannot change her residency. I would like your assistance that is it compulsory to change the residence, is there any clause/law with which we can hold the residency transfer process till she completes her degree.

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Answer: Be informed that your friend is breaking the law by holding Visa 22 and working in a company. This might be the main reason why the company is putting the pressure on your friend to transfer her residence to that of the company’s. Indeed the company is also breaking the law by employing someone who is not under their residence. We are of the opinion that since your friend is not on student visa, she will not be breaking the law or face any problems if she tries to change her Visa 22 to Visa 18 or company visa. Indeed, we are aware of many people working and schooling at the same time and facing no problems with their visa status.

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