Company Has A History Of Not Paying Indemnity What To Do In This Case
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My company terminated my services without reason. I worked for 5 years. Any way I accepted it and am on 3 months notice period till end of May, but my only concern is about my final settlement. Considering my company history and how previous employees were troubled with their indemnity and transfer I am afraid of the same with me. How can I make sure the company does not create problem with my transfer and full settlement.

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Answer: Since the company terminated your services, they are bound by the law to transfer your residence to another sponsor of your choice and to also pay you your full indemnity. However, in practical terms a lot of companies do things in their own way to the advantage of fired or resigned workers.

Our advice to you, therefore, is that if you see any sign that the company intends to treat you in the same manner they treated your previous colleagues, just file a case against the company at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour through the Labour Office in your area. If after filing the case and you don’t make any headway at the ministry, you shouldn’t stop there but proceed to the courts to seek justice.

If people like you begin to put away the fear of victimization you entertain and begin to take on some of these companies, they will respect the provisions of the labour law and not break them with impunity as they currently do.



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