Company Forcing To Resign – What Should I Do?
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I was hired from another company as technician. I signed one year contract with the company and it is renewable. Last week my manager tells me that the company will not renew my contract anymore and they are willing to give release if I found another job in another company.

I didn’t receive any termination letter or notice period from the company. And he wants me to submit a resignation letter which I don’t think is right because I didn’t resign from work.

My employer is the one who decided not to renew my contract. My contract ends in January 2020. I found a new job and new company asks for a copy of the company’s registration.

I told my manager that I needed a copy of the registration, so the new company can start processing my visa transfer but he told me that he needs my resignation first.

Should I submit a resignation letter to them? Please I need an answer regarding this matter.

Name withheld

Answer: We are at a loss as to why the company is asking you for a resignation letter when the truth is that you are being forced. The company’s demand and posture, are not legally grounded and if it insists on standing on its grounds, then we advise that you file a case against the company at the Public Authority for Manpower which will compel it to furnish you with all the documents to enable you effect the transfer to the new company.



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