Company Doesn’t Give Release After 3 Yrs

10 December 2019 Legal

I have been working in my company for the past 3 years. I am a degree holder, too. The company that I am working doesn’t give release even to staff that have been working for 6 years so they go to Shoun and the Shoun gives release for them. I would just like to ask, if the resignation letter filing is really 3 months period to become effective as per Kuwait law? or can I file my resignation with 1 month notice period?

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Answer: The company is dead wrong in refusing to grant release to workers who qualify for it and it is a high time the workers stand up to it by filing a class action against the company to compell it to abide by the provisions of the labour law that deal with worker’s release. On your second question be informed that the notice period before resignation becomes effective is three months but if there is mutual agreement between the parties the period can be shortened.



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