Coming To Kuwait On Visit Visa And Later Transferring To Work Visa
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With reference to the subject article published in your newspaper I would like to seek your humble response/guidance to my query.

We are Indian nationals. My husband is working in Kuwait and has a Kuwait residency Visa (Article 18). My husband’s salary is KD 300, hence he cannot sponsor for a family visa for me. However, with reference to the new rule – “Visit Visa can be converted to Work Visa”. can my husband bring me to Kuwait on a 3-month visit visa and can I find employment on this visit visa and convert my visit visa to work visa? I am an Indian national with a Master’s Degree. Appreciate your kind guidance in this regard.

Name withheld

Answer: Your husband can invite you to Kuwait on a visit visa but upon entry into Kuwait you can neither work with the visit visa nor the visa converted into a work visa. This is so because your husband’s salary is below the KD 500 required for him to sponsor you on a family visa which would have enabled you to convert that family visa to work visa according to the new guide-lines.



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