Clear Weather Expected During The Holidays
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According to Fintas Astronomical Observatory Director Adel Al-Saadoun, the next five days will not experience significant sandstorms since the wind will be stable over Kuwait. “It will not be very windy in the next five days, so good weather is forecast, except for a few open areas that may experience sandstorms.

So people can plan to go out in the night and walk by the seaside. The temperature will fluctuate between 42 to 46 degrees Centigrade with a maximum of 48 C,” he said.

Thursday morning will be cloudy, so the temperature will stay a bit longer at 42 C even until about 10 am. Wind speed will be of 15 to 45 kilometers per hour and humidity at 24-32 percent, which will increase on Friday to be at 45 percent.



22 Aug, 2018 970
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