Claims For Compensation For Rainstorm Damage Told Not To Exaggerate
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Ministry of Finance Undersecretary Saleh Al-Sarawi, who also heads the Compensation Team that was formed earlier to process compensation for damages caused by the rainstorm, has called on citizens and expatriates to refrain from exaggeration in the documentation of damages, reports Alrai daily.

Speaking to the daily, Al- Sarawi disclosed the compensation process has three stages and the last of which is the payment of compensation. He said the first stage started on Sunday – submission of compensation applications. He added those who already repaired the damages in their houses should document the damages caused by the rainstorm and attached the details to the compensation request.

On the other hand, Attorney Areej Hamada affirmed the affected citizens and expatriates have the right to file civil cases against the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) and Public Authority for Roads and Transportation (PART) for damages to their cars, provided they have proof that the damages are due to the negligence of the two institutions in charge of maintenance of roads.

Meanwhile, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, and State Minister for Economy Affairs Hind Al-Sabeeh declared that the process of receiving compensation applications from victims of the recent rain crisis began from the early hours of Sunday, Nov 25, affirming that the process has been ongoing smoothly, and there are considerable number of victims among both citizens and expatriates.

After visiting the headquarters of the compensation council in Shamiya area, the minister indicated that applications that fulfill all the requirements were received along with completed form and evidential documents such as house, car ownership certificate and other documents detailing the case.

She indicated that the objective of the visit was to observe the workflow and the way the compensation applications are received, affirming that the process is proceeding as per the agreed mechanism. Al-Sabeeh revealed that she witnessed, during the visit, the kind cooperation between the employees and the clients.

Meanwhile, Director General of Kuwait Municipality Ahmad Al-Manfouhi Saturday affirmed that the municipality is still on high alert until further notice, as the weather conditions in the country continue to be erratic with frequent heavy rains.

In a press statement, Al-Manfouhi said all agencies of Kuwait Municipality are on standby, stressing that the municipality continues to deliver its services, and have activated the clause stipulated in the cleaning contract that allows the municipality to use apparatuses, machines and laborforce round the clock. He explained that the municipality dispatched 1,100 vehicles and machines as well as 6,000 workers to all governorates to deal with the aftermath of the rain in the past three days.

A total of 627 water trails were pumped out of the streets and public yards, and 15,300 cubic meters of fallen trees and debris were lifted. In addition, about 330 drainages were unblocked, and 41 vehicles were lifted from stagnant water. Al-Manfouhi revealed that the municipality’s official social media account @kuwmun and its hotline No. 139 received a total of 555 reports and complaints, which were dealt with promptly.



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