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My brother, working in Kuwait, was robbed by a Kuwaiti man in police dress during residency checking in Mangaf area in 2013.

The man also took the Civil ID. We lodged a complaint with the police at that time and got a new Civil ID issued.

To our dismay, we found that someone has used that old Civil ID to purchase some products from a mobile telephone company, which claimed money from my brother.

We gave the details to the mobile telephone company and provided all the documentation like police complaint and proof of my brother being outside Kuwait during the time of purchase.

The company seemed to accept our explanation and informed us they would clear the dues against my brother.

Now, we have found that the company has filed a case and got a travel ban on my brother and is asking him to pay KD 642 including all the penalties. We found this while planning to travel to India.

We are not sure how the company can sell a device/service when the person who took the service and the photo in the Civil ID is different? The signature on the application itself is in Arabic with a Civil ID of an Indian national.

It is the company’s mistake to sell some merchandise to a person carrying someone else’s Civil ID … how can they file a case even after we had submitted all the papers they asked for ? Your feedback in the above case will be highly helpful.

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The mobile telephone company is totally wrong in this case and you should take legal action against this firm.

Once you have provided all the information on the theft of your Civil ID card, the company has no right to take any action against you nor hold you responsible for any equipment it sold to a person who was carrying a copy of your card without verification of the document.

There are two things you can do:

1. File a complaint with the Consumer Protection Society.

2. File a case in court against the mobile telephone company.

In this case you will need a lawyer to fight your case. If you can’t afford one, you should approach the Kuwait Lawyers Society which may depute a lawyer to take your case.

You have all the documents to prove that you did not make the purchase from the mobile telephone company.

You also have a copy of the police report which clearly states that the card was stolen much before the transaction between the “thief” and the mobile telephone company took place.

The problem here lies in the fact that some companies try to cover up their mistakes by blaming others. In your case the company could have easily checked that the person carrying your Civil ID card was clearly not the owner of the card.

Had it fulfilled this “basic requirement” it could have saved a lot of trouble for everyone. Now, you have got to fight back by filing a complaint against this firm with the Consumer Protection Society or by filing a case in court.

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