How To Update Your Civil ID Name In PACI Website
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Few months back Ministry of Interior Cancelled Printing of residency stickers on Passports, so all your information will be printed on your Civil ID which will be used while travelling to prove your Residency in Kuwait.

The Name on your civil id should match your name on your passport, if the name is not matched you will be not allowed travel.

After the rule came into existence so many compalined of having wrong spellings on their civil id, which led to huge crowd going to paci office for name updation..
To overcome this PACI recently launched a new service called - Update Latin Name for Non Kuwaiti

 Please find steps to update your latin name on civil id online in PACI website

Step 1) Go to the PACI eEnvelope system website , if the website is in Arabic you can change the language to English, there’s an option at the top of the page

How to Update your civil id information in PACI website

Step 2) Click on Update Latin Name for Non-Kuwaities - Link

A New page will be opened as below

Guide How to Update Your Civil ID Name in PACI Website

Step 3) Enter your Civil ID and serial no. which is shown on the back

you can update your details , only if you submitted civil id for renwal , if not you will get a message saying that , you can not update your latin name because there is no issuance request for the civil id as below

Civil ID Information Update in PACI Website

if you already submitted your civil id for renewal , then follow the below process

Step 4) You’ll have to verify your mobile no. so they’ll send you a verification SMS

Step 5) Enter all data required (blood type is optional but if that needs changing too then you’ll need to also upload a lab report)

Update Civil iD Details in PACI Website

Step 6) Upload the required documents

Upload Required Documents in PACI Civil ID Website

Step 7) You’ll be sent an application’s reference number to your registered mobile no., which you can use to track your application’s progress

Step 8) Wait and wait, this will take a few days as your application needs to be checked manually, once it’s approved you’ll be sent a link on your mobile to make the payment of KD5, after that you’ll just go have to go to South Surra to replace your old ID with the new one

If we miss any steps please let us know ,

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