Civil Court Ordered A Kuwaiti Woman To Pay Compensation For Damages By Her Husband
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The Civil Section of the Court of First Instance ordered a Kuwaiti woman to pay compensation worth KD 20,000 for the mental and physical damages sustained by her husband due to the illegitimate acts committed by her. According to the lawsuit filed by the plaintiff counsel Lawyer Abdulwahab Bin Salama on behalf of his client, the plaintiff caught his estranged wife and her boyfriend perpetrating immoral activities and misusing a mobile phone. These allegations were confirmed in the investigations. He said the two suspects confessed to the crime after which they were detained and imposed fines. Lawyer Bin Salama explained that the lovebirds exchanged messages on their mobile phones, without taking the marital status of the woman into account, as she was married to his client and they had children. She was supposed to have respected the marriage, as well as her own image and honor. She not only violated the tenets of the religion but also the local tradition and norms.


13 Jul, 2017 481
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