Citizens Earn A Wage Nearly Five Times That Of Expats
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The Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) reported that the average monthly wage for Kuwaitis in the labor market, which includes both the public and private sectors, was KD1, 490 per month, while non-Kuwaitis earned KD331.

According to the CSB estimates, Kuwaitis in the public sector earned an average income of KD1, 539, while non-Kuwaitis in the public sector earned an average wage of KD732. Meanwhile, in the private sector, the gap was even wider, with Kuwaitis earning an average monthly income of KD1, 252, and foreign workers earning KD311. The numbers also demonstrate a significant income gap between male and female citizens in both the public and private sectors, with male citizens receiving an average of KD1806, while female citizens receiving just around KD1260.

Even when all sectors of the labor market were looked at separately, the gender difference was noticeable; in the public sector, whereas a Kuwaiti male earned KD 1,878, a Kuwaiti female earned just KD 1,310. In the private sector, the average monthly pay for Kuwaiti men was KD1, 529, while the average monthly wage for Kuwaiti women was KD973.

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