Citizens And Expatriates Of All Ages Thronged To Gulf Street To Celebrate The New Year
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Citizens and expatriates of all ages thronged to Gulf Street and arenas nationwide to celebrate the New Year holiday in an artistic atmosphere filled with joy and optimism, reports Al Seyassah daily. Kuwait’s skies lit up with the wonderful sparkling colors of fi reworks and firecrackers while the arenas and malls in all governorates were filled with overwhelming joy amid everyone’s sense of optimism as they wish for peace around the world.

The Gulf Street witnessed celebratory scenarios since the fi rst hours of the night that drew an artistic scene of joy and happiness among citizens and expatriates. It was a beautiful night with people from all walks of life exchanging ‘Happy New Year 2017’ greetings. Malls decorated their exteriors and interiors with Christmas trees to give visitors and shoppers a sense of optimism for the New Year, free of anguish.

Everyone Young and old, everyone took commemorative photos and ‘selfi es’ on such a joyous day. The spring-like atmosphere boosted the enthusiasm of everyone to go out and celebrate expressing happiness amidst huge crowds along the Gulf Street and other areas.

Security authorities also participated in the celebration by making sure that peace and security prevailed as manifested in the presence of policemen in various venues and worship places. Not to be outdone by the Gulf Street and malls, desert areas also hosted groups and families who preferred to welcome the New Year in style, enjoying the gentle and natural breeze that gave them joy and happiness.

Churches all over the country celebrated the New Year’s Eve with a sense of holiness manifested through psalms and voices of choirs as the faithful thronged to houses of God, particularly the Catholic and Evangelical churches in Kuwait City, to pray for peace and love for Kuwait and the world.



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