Citizen Sentenced To 15 Years Imprisonment, 8 Expatriates Get 10 Years For Residency Trading
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Crimes of residency visa trading came to the forefront during the Coronavirus crisis, with those involved being exposed for conducting this dangerous business of charging expats to provide residency permits and bring them to the country, but then abandoning them without jobs, Al Qabas reported.

In one of the many cases of residency trade, the Criminal Court sentenced a Kuwaiti company manager to 15 years imprisonment with hard labor, and meted out to 8 expatriates a 10-year sentence.

Lawyers said that this ruling is evidence that there are citizens and expatriates working together to manipulate expats in their countries with promises of good jobs, and salaries, but after receiving payment, toss them aside to their fate in Kuwait, forcing them to seek out employment for themselves.




22 Feb, 2021 593
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