Citizen And Saudi National Jailed
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The Criminal Court, presided over by Judge Ahmad Al-Yasin, sentenced a citizen and a Saudi national to three years and six months in jail with hard labor, while it acquitted another citizen (third defendant) of stealing from an automated teller machine (ATM) as the court found no substantial evidence to convict him.

Case files indicate the three defendants tried to steal from an ATM by tying a rope around the machine and then to a car which pulled the machine. The robbery operation failed because the guard of the bank appeared and the rope loosened from the machine.

Investigation results showed one of the accused, a Kuwaiti, had an unlicensed firearm and sheltered the Saudi national who entered the country without proper documents. Lawyer for the third defendant, Attorney Ayed Al-Rashidi, argued that the prosecution failed to present any substantial evidence to prove that his client committed the crime.

He pointed out the court depended only on the testimony of the arresting officer which, in legal terms, is not considered substantial evidence. The other two defendants confessed to the crime, in addition to the confession of one of them (the citizen) that he owns the weapon which he put in the vehicle of the Saudi national.



29 May, 2016 1581
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