Children's Diabetes Rates Are On The Rise, Says Kuwaiti Expert

07 October 2023 Health

According to Dr. Zidane Al-Mazidi, a consultant endocrinologist and the organizer of the "Essentials of Endocrinology and Diabetes" conference, 40 out of every 100,000 children in the country are diagnosed with diabetes every year.

Dr. Al-Seyassah received an exclusive press statement from Dr. Al-Mazidi on the sidelines of the inauguration of the two-day “Essentials of Endocrinology and Diabetes” conference. The most common endocrine disease among children in the country is short stature, followed by hypothyroidism, calcium deficiency, early puberty, adrenal and hypothyroidism, and undescended testicles in newborns.

Endocrine diseases are primarily caused by genes, which account for approximately 10-20 percent of the causes."

According to Dr. Al-Mazidi, the conference was organized by the Kuwait Society for Endocrinology, in collaboration with the Kuwait Medical Association and the Dasman Diabetes Institute. The conference brought together a group of elite consultants and specialists from Kuwait, the Gulf countries, and around the world to discuss therapeutic developments and exchange experiences.

The conference examines the most important scientific developments in the treatment of diabetes and other issues related to endocrine glands, the importance of early diagnosis, and the connection between obesity and diabetes.

The Kuwait Institute for Medical Specializations awards participants 14 continuing medical education points.

During the conference, Dr. Al-Mazidi expressed hope that the country's health sector will benefit from important recommendations.

The importance of such conferences was stressed, as they keep pace with the scientific developments the world is experiencing, provide information on the latest developments and research in the field of health care for diabetes and endocrine glands, outline how medical personnel can provide health care services, and discuss what benefits they receive.


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