Checking Exhaust Becomes New Requirement For Car Registration
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Director-General of the Environment Public Authority, Sheikh Abdullah Ahmad Al-Humoud Al-Sabah, revealed the EPA employees will be present at the vehicle inspection headquarters to ensure compliance with all requirements. On the sidelines of signing the agreement with the Ministry of Interior Undersecretary Lieutenant General Essam Al-Naham, Sheikh Al-Ahmad added that there will be integration between the two sides to check the car exhausts and that each car will be examined separately.

He spoke of the commentaries between the two sides in the presence of the Environment Police and that the cooperation is an extension of achieving the interests of Kuwait, whether for citizens or residents. If the EPA employee agrees that the vehicle passes the emissions test, its document will be renewed or denied until the exhaust is repaired.

Moreover, the heavy trucks that transport hazardous materials, medical and municipal solid waste and sludge will be obliged to install a tracking and monitoring system approved by the EPA, in order to follow up the trucks’ progress from the waste transfer sites to the treatment and disposal sites. In other news, the Environment Public Authority removed 780 kilos of oily waste from the Al-Zour chalets area, in response to the report received in this regard.



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