Charges Denied For Barbequing

27 March 2016 Kuwait

Director of Kuwait Municipality Eng Ahmad Al-Manfouhi denied that the municipality is planning to charge people for the use of certain public locations for grilling food. He said Kuwait Municipality is planning to coordinate with the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) and Touristic Enterprises Company for allocating some locations on the beachfront where the public can barbeque.

Al-Manfouhi revealed that a meeting will be held next week for discussing the necessary procedures with the concerned authorities after the approval of PAAAFR is received in this regard. He stressed that the Kuwait Municipality is not planning to charge for the use of these locations. However, he indicated that there is a suggestion that people should pay a deposit amount before using the locations for barbequing and the deposit will be returned to them after the use.



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