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Every day, tens of thousands of ideas are presented to the human mind, each of which gives him a special feeling, so what we really feel is what we think about. If the mind creates pure and positive thoughts, we will certainly be satisfied with ourselves and our surroundings, and this is happiness.

If our mind creates negative thoughts or embraces destructive ideas, we will feel angry and tense or want to hurt others. We often believe that our mental state depends on the attitudes and behaviors of others. This is not true. Although these attitudes and behaviors place us in an atmosphere of constant challenges, others are not always with us. They merely represent motivators of our reactions to them.

We must realize that our thoughts, talks and behavior are ultimately the result of our own choices. Reason creates thoughts based on the information we feed on. In fact, we are what we read, what we see, and what we listen to. In order to activate the work of the mind and feed it on positive ideas we must follow the following simple steps:

Avoid starting our day by reading newspapers or watching news channels or opening the WhatsApp since this is normally what we do after we wake up in the morning. Instead, we must spend at least 20 minutes reading pure and peaceful messages.
To choose one positive point of what we read in the morning and focus on it, and familiarize ourselves with it every day, and stop doing anything for a minute, for example, repeat that with a positive mind and this is a kind of contemplation.
Delete negative messages that include redundant, bias or criticism on social media, and ignore them altogether.
Do not follow or watch useless news or watch daily programs or read newspapers that contain bad news, especially before bedtime. Instead, stay idle alone for ten minutes before sleeping, to absorb the events, attitudes and positive information we have experienced throughout the day. This will calm the mind and help us enjoy a good sleep.
The above paragraphs were part of a lecture that was supposed to be given by an Indian lady during a visit to Kuwait according to an invitation from a center calling for mental peace and keeping away from problems and controversial issues. Meetings with her fans were arranged via e-mail and hundreds of individuals booked to attend the lecture. On the day before the lecture was supposed to be held in one of the hotels, a person demanded the Ministry of Information and Ministry of Interior to intervene and cancel the lecture saying on his account on Twitter that the Hindu woman belongs to the energy promoters and will spray its fables in Kuwait.

The parties responded to the tweet, perhaps with pleasure, and the lecture was canceled. Here a friend invited the Indian lady to his home to listen to her lecture, and it was indeed high in good behavior, humanity and keeping away from any ideological party.

It is really sad that the official authorities behave in such uncivilized manner and cancel a lecture that includes none of the controversial issues like sex, religion or politics and at the same time, they spend much money to cover the cost of the residency of dozens of scholars coming to Kuwait from Arab and Islamic countries in order to deliver their lectures that arouse disputes and enhance differences between the classes of the same society. Awesome?!



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