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Kuwait Blood Bank Announces An Increased Need For Platelets The Central Blood Bank announced an increasing need for platelets. The platelets are small cells in the blood that stop bleeding and are essential for millions of patients with cancer, chronic disease... April 22, 2021 154 Category: Kuwait
Licences Of 3 Domestic Labor Offices Suspended, 297 Complaints Referred To The Judiciary Three licenses of domestic worker labor offices have been suspended since the start of 2021, and 297 complaints have been referred to the judiciary, according to a statistic issued by the Public Autho... April 22, 2021 181 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait On The Verge Of A Million Vaccinations, Positive Decisions Awaiting Eid Kuwait is close to dispensing 1 million doses of vaccine against coronavirus in the next few days, the rapid speed of vaccination may lead to positive decisions after Eid, Al-Rai reported. Informed... April 21, 2021 459 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti MPs Seek Ban On Foreign Advisers A number of Kuwaiti lawmakers have proposed a ban on employing any non-Kuwaiti as an adviser as the Gulf country is seeking to create more jobs for its citizens amid fallout from the global pandemic. ... April 21, 2021 351 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Brings In Domestic Workers And Prevents Expatriates With A Valid Residency From Entering Kuwait’s decision regarding preventing non-Kuwaitis from entering the country, and extending it several times has left negative repercussions on various sectors and the labor market in the priva... April 21, 2021 5473 Category: Kuwait
Council Of Ministers Approves Governance Guidelines To Supervise Development Projects The Council of Ministers instructed the ministers and those in charge of implementing development projects in the country to introduce the governance system to these development projects, by obliging ... April 21, 2021 106 Category: Kuwait
Bill On Adding KD 600m To Budgets For Frontliners Reward On The Anvil The Parliamentary Priorities Committee on Tuesday agreed to include in the agenda of the upcoming National Assembly session the bill on adding KD600 million to the budgets of various institutions and ... April 21, 2021 192 Category: Kuwait
New Airport Terminal Completion Delayed By 11 Percent There has been a delay in the construction, completion, furnishing and maintenance of the new passenger building at Kuwait Airport by 11 percent, where the actual completion rate according to the repo... April 21, 2021 391 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait ranks first in the Gulf region for press freedom Kuwait rose by 4 ranks among the ranking of countries listed in the 2021 Reporters Without Borders Index of Press Freedom, standing at 105 globally among 180 countries, Al Rai daily reported. In th... April 20, 2021 127 Category: Kuwait
Egyptian School Guard In Kuwait Cries After Not Receiving Salary For 5 Months A video of an Egyptian school guard, Mohammed Kamal Jaafar, went viral on Monday as he expressed his frustration for not having received his salary for over five months. Jafaar told local media, &l... April 20, 2021 1763 Category: Kuwait