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Police are looking for two unidentified persons for stealing two cars in two separate incidents. One car belongs to a Kuwaiti man and the other to a compatriot woman. The first incident is reported from Fahaheel by a Pakistani driver who said he left the car in operation and went to buy sandwich and when he returned the car was gone. The second incident took place in front of a pharmacy when the woman was buying painkillers. Police have issued citations to both the complainants for leaving the car in operation. Meanwhile, police are looking for the suspects. Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti man has filed a complaint with the Sabahiya Police Station accusing an unidentified person of stealing his car. In his complaint the Kuwaiti said the car had a mechanical failure on the Fahaheel Road and when he went to get help he found the car stolen. Police are looking for the thief.



09 Apr, 2016 1241


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