Carry Passport And Civil ID While Entering Or Leaving Kuwait
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   Ministry of Interior and The General Department of Public Relations and Security Media announced that residents who renewed their residency after March 10, 2019, and those who transferred their residency information to their new passport must always carry their Passports and Civil Ids when entering or leaving Kuwait.

The name on the passport should match name on the Civil ID, if not matched it will tough to travel.

There will be No More residency Sticker, Civil ID will be only Your proof of Residence in Kuwait

1. The Civil ID will be considered as a proof of residency for foreigners in the state of Kuwait instead of the residency sticker.

Civil ID Replaced With Residency Sticker on Passport in Kuwait
2. Foreigners holding a normal residence are not allowed to enter or leave Kuwait unless they hold a valid passport issued by the competent authorities of their countries or travel document and a valid civil ID.

Expats in Kuwait,Civild ID, passport

3. People who have the valid residency sticker on their passport or travel documents before March 10, 2019, are allowed to leave or enter the country with their passports.
Valid residency Sticker Kuwait 2019

4. Residency sticker shall be continued in the case of temporary residency or exit notices. These people can leave the country permanently by their passports without a valid civil ID.

Civil ID, Residency Sticker, Passport 2019

5. The Latin name in the passport must match with the Civil ID to avoid any mistakes that may affect on departure or arrival to the state of Kuwait

Latin Name Should Match passport Name

6. When you travel out of  Kuwait, Make sure you don't lose your Ciivil ID , if you lost then its a tough process to get back to Kuwait
You must visit  Kuwait embassy in your country and secure a verified certificate in order to use it when entering Kuwait. Immediately visit the Public Authority For Civil Information for the issuance of the new Civil ID.

7. If you don't have Kuwait Embassy in your country , the sponsor should  visit the General Department of Residency Affairs to issue a certificate to you.


Incase if we miss any points , please let us know

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