Captain Accused In Prison With Hard Labor For Insulting And Abusing A Female Investigator
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The Misdemeanor Court sentenced a Captain and a Corporal assigned in the Ministry of Interior to one month in prison with hard labor for insulting and abusing a female investigator in the ministry. According to the case file, the two officers lodged a complaint against a female investigator claiming the latter insulted them when she used language of threat and abuse while they were carrying out official duty. They accused the woman of trying to prevent them from accomplishing the assignment due to her unruly action. They also accused another officer of encouraging the investigator to engage in indecent and immoral actions. The Captain is said to have used foul language against the investigator as he insulted and abused the woman publicly. Lawyer for the investigator, Attorney Zaid Al-Khabbaz, argued that his client is innocent as the claim that she insulted the officers and prevented them from carrying out an official assignment is false. He explained his client only informed the officers that she is an investigator. In response, the Captain insulted her client ordering her to shut up and warned that she could be detained for being rude.


16 Apr, 2017 0 650
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