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As an employer, I employ hundreds of expatriate workers, and therefore it is assumed that I benefit, silently, from the current system, which means that the resident comes to Kuwait to work at my invitation, and often he cannot work in any other agency during a specific period, without my consent or the approval of the concerned authorities .

But I am unhappy with this exploitative system, which is in my interests. If I assume that I treat my people in a humane manner, then what guarantees that the rest of the expatriates, who make up two-thirds of the country's citizens, and their number exceeds three million workers, receive fair and humane treatment from their employers?

Saudi Arabia, in its new era, decided to ease the contractual restrictions between the worker or employee and the Saudi employer, a company or an individual, with effect from the middle of next March. This means, by and large, automatically the elimination of human traffickers. In the Kingdom there are ten million expatriates, and a large part of them entered Saudi Arabia in exchange for paying a decent amount to the executor in exchange for doing "nothing", and this is what we do, and often in the rest of the Gulf countries.

There is no doubt that there are gaps that will appear in the new system, which require speedy dealing with them, so it is not logical for the citizen, and even the expatriate business owner or partner in a company, to associate with certain workers to come to Kuwait to implement a project or do something, and spend on their attendance and their livelihood, And then they subsequently, for one reason or another, request to move to work for a company or other entity! Who will compensate those who brought them in exchange for one year or more contracts?

On the other hand, it is necessary to give an expatriate, especially one who has spent two years or more, for example, in Kuwait the right to move from one job to another. Therefore, the implementation of this system in Kuwait will have several positive aspects, and it is important to think early and study the Saudi experience, and the resulting loopholes and address them, and issue a law that suits our circumstances.



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