Call For Removal Of Al-Durra Board Chief Tied To Criminal Record
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 MP Riyadh Al-Adsani disclosed that he decided to call for removal of the board chairman of Al-Durra Company during his tenure as board member of Keifan Cooperative Society after perusing the latter’s criminal record.

The lawmaker said it is necessary to open file of the company in order to monitor and follow up financial, administrative and legal issues. He reaffirmed his total commitment to accountability by ensuring that the rule of law is applied on everybody without fear or favor. He added he has been contacting the ministers of Social Affairs, Finance, Commerce and Industry concerning Al-Durra issue.

He confirmed that the concerned authority is preparing a legal document on the legal responsibility and parliamentary question he raised about the budget of the company in order to verify revenues and expenditures. He asserted, “I will verify the budgets of the company since its inception and hold accountable anybody proven to be involved in financial, administrative and legal violations. We will not allow anyone to be used as a sacrificial lamb or be treated unfairly.”

On the other hand, MP Mohammad Hayef has submitted questions to Minister of Finance Nayef Al-Hajraf; demanding for information from the customs officers who inspected the luggage of a passenger who arrived at Kuwait International Airport (T1) from Netherlands aboard KLM Royal Dutch Airlines as he was caught in possession of illegal items. He asked the minister to reveal procedures taken and if an incident report was written or not. What is the name of the person involved, nationality, place of work and name of the officer who searched him? He also wants to know if CCTV recordings were deleted during the incident.

In addition, MP Khalid Al-Otaibi accused the ‘Group of 80 Persons’ (G-80), led by their spokesperson, of issuing statements on present and future events on behalf of the government. He said the group acts like an ostrich by getting scared of any statement for which it will be held responsible. He stressed that “whoever is not bold enough to defend his decision does not deserve to exist; so if you are not patriotic, your departure is better than remaining in your post.”

Moreover, MP Majid Al-Mutairi has forwarded questions to Minister of Oil, Electricity and Water Khalid Al-Fadhil on rumors about taking advantage of personality clashes to settle trade union scores. He said he obtained information in July that the Promotions Committee held a meeting to select the head of the Gas Section at Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) and two names were nominated at the time. He said one of the nominees sent an online message to the administration expressing his desire not to seek promotion.

This development showed that only one nominee was left; hence, there was no need for further comparison, he added. He revealed the remaining nominee was informed, through his direct supervisor on July 11, that he had been officially selected to head the Gas Section and was later given responsibilities for the new position.

However, in a dramatic turn of events which jolted the newly appointed staff, the committee chairman reversed the decision to promote him without any legal proof. The affected staff later discovered that his colleague, who previously withdrew his candidature, was pressured to oppose the promotion.



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