Cable Thefts In Kuwait Confessed By Thieves

05 November 2023 Crime News

Earlier this week, two individuals were arrested on charges of stealing electrical cables, and a total of ten more cases are still under investigation.

The General Department of Criminal Investigation, specifically the "Jahra Governorate Investigation Department," has successfully apprehended two individuals involved in the theft of electrical cables as part of the ongoing efforts of the Criminal Security Sector to detain criminals and investigate unresolved cases. The cables were pilfered and later sold for profit.

An investigation team from the Sulaibiyah Investigation Office was assembled and dispatched to the Amghara area where the gang was active after a comprehensive inquiry, verification, and legal authorization process. Despite their attempts to flee on foot, the suspects were spotted in a vehicle and detained.

Following the interrogation, the accused individuals confessed to their involvement in the illicit activities of dismantling electrical poles, severing electrical cables, and profiting from their sale. They admitted to multiple similar thefts in various regions of Kuwait. In addition, they cooperated by providing information on the whereabouts of the stolen items, revealing that they were associated with 10 other undisclosed cases.

Accused individuals and confiscated items have been handed over to the relevant authorities for legal action to be taken.

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