Cabinet To Review The Continuation Of The Curfew On Monday
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The Cabinet will discuss at its Monday session whether to continue the partial curfew after Ramadan or to end it after the health authorities submit their report tomorrow, Sunday, Al-Qabas daily reported, quoting high-level government sources.

The sources said that several actions will be decided, including whether restaurants, commercial complexes, and associations are permitted to open or it will be better to set timings for their opening and closing.

The meeting will also determine whether to allow Eid prayers in the squares or the mosques, or not, in addition to setting a mechanism for slaughterhouses on the first days of Eid to prevent overcrowding.

The sources concluded that the health situation is improving with many positive indicators so there is a breakthrough in the situation to allow for opening many activities. The decision remains with the Council of Ministers.



08 May, 2021 2976
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