Tire Repair Shops Making Brisk Business
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The tire replacement shops, and the repair of front-wheel-drive vehicles deployed in Kuwait’s industrial areas, are undergoing unprecedented activity as a result of the increasing wear and tear of tires due to the erosion of highways and side streets, which are full of potholes, drilling and bumps, reports Al-Rai daily.

Those who pass through Canada Dry Road in the Shuwaikh industrial area and watch the cars in the shops, which specialize in replacing tires and repairing their front bodies, will find that these shops are living in the golden age.

Al-Rai toured a large part of these shops and spoke to their owners, who believe that the period of repair and maintenance of the roads will take longer while they continue to reap the benefits while the customers continue to speak of their sufferings. Many customers said their cars have been turned into scraps. Nizar Mohammed, a tire shop owner, said, “The volume of work in my shop has tripled over the last six months compared to the period before the heavy rains in mid-November, because the road network and the streets have been affected very much, let alone the big companies are competing for business with our small shops.

“Before the rain crisis, we used to replace and repair between 30 and 40 frames a day. Now, thankfully, we are replacing and repairing between 120 and 130 frames, so we indirectly we hope the crisis will continue.”

10 May, 2019 425
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