Salaries Of Employees Cannot Be Disclosed
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The salaries of employees are classified as financial income and asset, which the judicial provisions stipulate cannot be disclosed, reports Al-Anba daily Informed sources said, according to the Constitutional Court, any request to disclose the salaries of employees is classified as unconstitutional noting that it can provide aggregate information such as the total numbers, total budgets, or the date on which work was done.


In response to a question if this applies only to Kuwaitis or extends to expatriates, the sources replied saying, “There is no distinction between people.” They are equal in human dignity and are equal before the law in public rights and duties.

There is no discrimination on grounds of sex, origin, language or religion, as provided for in Article 29 of the Constitution. The sources stressed that the constitutional principles that the government is committed to equality when announcing the salaries and financial benefits of senior officials and employees whether Kuwaiti or expatriates, everyone is equal in the application of the law and in the commitment to duties. The government has apologized for not disclosing details of salaries and bonuses of leaders

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