‘Private Sector Projects Benefit From 5m Sq-mtrs Of State Land’
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The private sector projects built on state land, in accordance with Decree-Law No. (105) of 1980, on the State Property System, have benefited from land with a total area of about 5 million square meters, reports Al-Rai daily.

While some of these land contracts have expired and other land contracts are extended beyond 2030. According to a statistic prepared by the daily based on offi- cial figures issued by the minister of finance in response to a parliamentary question, the land was used in about 10 main purposes, starting with hospitals, schools, universities, parking lots, parks, markets, slaughterhouses, service centers, restrooms and interfaces, which benefited about 129 different projects.

The statistics showed that hospitals accounted for only 0.84 percent of the area, with 40.5 thousand meters benefiting 7 hospitals, while the share of parking spaces in the total area was 4.14 percent, 199.6 thousand square meters distributed in 27 areas.

In terms of universities, 14 universities took over 810 thousand square meters of state land, accounting for 16.8 percent of the total area, while 37 schools took only 244.5 thousand meters, representing about 4.97 percent of the total land owned by the state.

For its part, the parks occupy 1.184 million square meters, representing 24.59 percent of the total land area of the projects concluded with the private sector with the construction of about 13 parks. In turn, 7 markets used 483.6 thousand meters of state land, accounting for 10 percent of the total area, while slaughterhouses accounted for 118.3 thousand meters, representing 2.45 percent, while six service centers used an area of 18 thousand meters 0.37 percent of the total area.

The three restrooms took 9 thousand meters, 0.18 percent of the total area, while the share of 4 interfaces built on 105.5 thousand meters, or 2.19 percent of the total area. The area allocated to waste, workers’ housing, housing complexes and heritage village was about 1.6 million square meters, consisting of 8 projects, representing 33.3% of the total area.

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