Boutiqaat To Cooperate In Money Laundering Investigation
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Boutiqaat Company affirmed its complete readiness to cooperate with the Department of Public Prosecution and the Kuwaiti judiciary to reach the truth after the company’s name surfaced in the investigation of money laundering related case, reports Al-Anba daily. The text of the statement said “we are Boutiqaat, operating for 5 years in the open with all transparency and clarity.

We are proud to have put Kuwait on the map of electronic commerce while we wrote a success story that caught the attention of the whole world with 100 percent Kuwaiti management that built a team of up to 1,000 employees with more than 1,500 suppliers.

We made a station that connects Kuwaiti companies to the external market and we’re confirming our complete readiness to cooperate with the Public Prosecution, the Kuwaiti judiciary and all government agencies in Kuwait to reach the truth of the investigations, as we understand and support the need for scrutiny by our state agencies.

We do not accept that Kuwait is linked to money laundering. We are the first to reject this matter and stand against it”.

Meanwhile, over the past years, Boutiqaat has delivered more than 3 million orders to our customers in all Gulf countries, viewed more than 40,000 products from 1,500 brands, many of which are listed on global markets and subject to strict financial laws and control of Digital Infrastructure Provider, Amazon and AWS, which are subject to strict US international and federal oversight.

The company adheres to all accounting, financial and supervisory standards continuously and permanently through its dealings with all parties amid obligation to provide audited budgets to the supervisory authorities in Kuwait, as the financial auditor is one of the oldest and largest audit firms in the world and Kuwait.

“From all of the above, and out of our complete belief in the integrity of the Public Prosecution and the just Kuwaiti judiciary, we wrote this statement to let everyone know that Boutiqaat does not have any activities that are against the law. May God protect Kuwait, its Amir and its people from harm,” the company reiterated.



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