Borrowed 2,000 Dinar But Now Demanding 9,750 Dinar
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An unidentified person has filed a complaint with the Jahra Police Station accusing another man of taking advantage of his bad financial position and forcing him to pay an astronomical sum of money, reports Al-Anba daily.

According to the complainant, he was forced to borrow money in 2017 because his financial situation was very bad. He added, he requested many people and one of them introduced him to someone not known to him who was lending money with interest.

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He borrowed 2,000 dinars and he signed a promissory note. He went to say the man is now demanding 9,750 which is almost five times more the money he lent. He told police, he tried to settle the debt over the past few months, but the man is insisting that he should pay the whole amount under the pretext the accumulated interest and the principal amount has reached 9,750 dinars. The case file No. 586/2019 has been filed against the suspect and he has been summoned for interrogation.



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