Bike Ban On Main Roads Postponed To Nov 7
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Informed security sources revealed to “Al-Rai” that the implementation of the Ministry of Interior’s decision regarding banning delivery bikes on main and ring roads has been postponed, and that their work is limited to residential places according to certain controls and conditions, noting that the decision that was due to come into force today has been postponed to November 7.

The sources indicated that “the postponement of the implementation of the decision came after an agreement with the Federation of Restaurants and Delivery Companies, that devices will be installed in each motorcycle, explaining to the bike rider the path allowed toride, and in case of violation, a text message or an automatic notification will be sent to the company and the General Traffic Department to take legal measures.” And issuing a traffic violation,” noting that “in the event of a repeat violation, the bike rider will be expelled for non-compliance with the law.”

According to the sources, the Ministry of Interior stipulated that all delivery companies and restaurants oblige drivers of “delivery” bikes to adhere to the preventive requirements, such as wearing a helmet and placing a reflective sticker on the bike box, so that they are visible to motorists even at night



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